Wild Pacific's Enduro Tagg-its

New for the 2016 - 2017 Riding Season
 “Enduro Tagg-its”

Wild Pacific’s Enduro Tagg-it product line was created with the active endurance rider or trail rider in mind. When you travel long distances, in especially rough country, you  always take the chance that something may happen to separate you from your horse. These special Tagg-its can be attached to saddles, bridles, halters, saddlebags or any other equipment or totes.

When ordering your Enduro Tagg-its just specify your name, your horse’s name or nick name, stable or barn name and your phone number. Should any circumstance separate you and your horse, these Enduro Tagg-its will allow “search & rescue” teams, first responders, or any other finder to easily identify your horse and place a call to reunite you with your horse.

Our Enduro Tagg-its are also great for emergency situations where you might have to turn your horse loose into open country, or when transporting a horse cross county.

Order now and be prepared. Enduro Tagg-its can prevent
a possible situation from getting worse.

Enduro Tagg-its feature:
5” Long Black Tagg-it body
Bright Colored Thread Colors that make
for excellent visibility
 1-1/2” Black Anodized Swivel Snap

2 Lines of Type or Numbers per Enduro Tagg-it.

Enduro Tagg-its Available IN THE FOLLOWING LOOP Colors:
Black, Red, Teal, Gold Neon, Powder Blue,
Pink, Braided Leather Design (shown in first photo)

Enduro Tagg-its Available IN THE FOLLOWING THREAD Colors:
Black, Red, Teal, Gold Neon, Powder Blue,
Hot Pink, Tan, Grey

Enduro Tagg-its  $22.95 each

***Please E-mail to request shipping charges for international
orders in ADVANCE to placing your order.

CloseUp Braided Leather Loop
Braided Leather Loop Enduro Tagg-it

Enduro Tagg-its are easy to move to any horse or horse’s equipment you own. Just order with your name & phone number

Gold Neon
Enduro Tagg-It Price:
Enduro Tagg-It Loop & Thread Color:
Name -12 letters Max
Phone Number
Sample Group of Enduro Tagg-its
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