Multi-Line Tagg-its
New Product MultiLine Taggit

Our new
Multi-Line Tagg-it
offers even more customization
than our original Tagg-it.

MultiLine Tagg-it

You can personalize your Multi-Line Tagg-it as follows:

  • Phone + Area Code + Phone Number
  • Owner’s Name (8 letters MAX) + Area Code + Phone Number
  • Horse’s Name (8 letters MAX) + Area Code + Phone Number

Our Multi-Line Tagg-its are ONLY available in the following Thread & Loop combinations

Red Thread/Red Loop Teal Thread/Teal Loop Tan Thread/Tan Loop
Gold Neon Thread/Gold Neon Loop

Make sure you tell us what color combination you want!

Order MultiLine Tagg-its:
Name (Max of 8 Letters)
Phone Number
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