Whooz-Its & Tagg-Its

View our NEW line of Enduro Tagg-its designed especially for the Endurance and Trail Rider!

Personalized Blanket ID Tags for any size horse blanket, harness bag or tote

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Detachable, customized Halter ID Tags which can be easily positioned on nosebands & cheekpieces

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2016 Colorful Taggs

We offer a great choice of
thread colors on both our
Whooz-its & Tagg-its.

Our Tagg-its and Whooz-its can match your barn or stable colors. Identify all your halters, equipment, totes, and harness bags.

Great for shipping & transport or emergencies! Be prepared
before anything happens.

More information can be added to our NEW Enduro Tagg-its.
Check them out!

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