Available for halters of all sizes from Miniature Horse
thru Draft size

Whooz-Its on Leather Halter

Be Prepared
for Emergencies
BEFORE They Happen!

In an extreme emergency or any type of disaster situation, you can quickly place a “phone number” Whooz-It on your horse’s halter making it much easier for you to be contacted and reunited with your horse should you become separated or if you have to turn him loose.


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What the heck are Whooz-Its?
are durable, personalized halter identification tags designed especially for horses. Our horse halter ID. tags are quickly placed on nosebands or cheekpieces and can be positioned or removed as needed. Whooz-Its can easily end the confusion over which same colored halter belongs to which horse. On large breeding farms and ranches where horses wear halters 24/7, Whooz-Its are an attractive and inexpensive way to identify each horse. Although the actual Whooz-Its ID tag is BLACK, your horse’s name can be sewn in a thread color to match their halter or one of your own stable colors - and even more exciting, the horse’s name can be sewn in almost ANY language!

  • Carefully constructed of strong and flexible woven elastic banding, Whooz-Its can be made to fit standard web style halters or thick leather halters
  • Unique wrap closure allows you to change Whooz-Its name tags easily when your horse outgrows or damages its halter
  • Whooz-Its stand up to harsh weather and other horses
  • Whooz-Its have multiple uses:
    A personalized Whooz-Its in your name will identify your saddles, bridles, driving harness, tack carts, and grooming totes.
    E-mail for pricing on special items
  • Boarding Facilities, Show Barns, Racing Stables, Breeding Farms, Trainers and Veterinarians just love our Whooz-its. Surprise your clients with this special gift!
  • Remember you can Order your horse’s name in almost ANY language
  • International orders welcome - Please
    e-mail for shipping charges BEFORE
    placing your order


Mini Size - $7.95
Full Size - $8.95
Draft Size - $10.95

are available in the following

RedPurple   Hot Pink, ,
 Apple GreenOrange   Teal,
TanGraySky Blue,
Burgundy   Neon Gold
Neon Orange    Neon Green

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